Heat Pump Repair Services in Minnesota

It’s unlikely that you think about your heat pump on a daily basis. Most homeowners and business operators trust their heat pump to provide reliable service year-round and rarely give it a second thought. That is, until it fails. With hot summers and frosty winters common in the region, a sudden failure can cause significant discomfort.

At Adam’s Healthy Home, we understand that your heat pump is an essential component in your home and we strive to deliver fast, reliable service to clients throughout the region. We don’t just say we’re the best in the region; we prove it with each repair we complete and the referrals we earn from satisfied clients.

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What’s the Life Span of a Heat Pump?

Most heat pumps are designed and built to provide reliable operation for 10-12 years after installation in your home. The older the unit, the more likely that frequent repairs will be required. Of course, these are just estimates, and they are highly dependent on the quality of the manufacture and the performance of regular maintenance.

Signs Your Heat Pump Is Failing

Heat pumps will typically provide warning that failure is on the horizon. It is not common for heat pumps to fail suddenly. Recognizing the signs of impending failure can help alleviate discomfort and minimize the risk of damage to your home or the heat pump itself.

One of the most common signs of a potential failure is a rising utility bill. If there has not been an increase in your usage, wear and tear on components may be reducing the efficiency of your heat pump.

Other common symptoms are strange noises and odd smells. Heat pumps should sound more like a gentle humming. When they start to fail, they can emit rattling, gurgling noises. There are many reasons for this, including clogs and blockages, clogged filters, as well as worn-out components. Similarly, odd smells can indicate that parts are wearing against one another and about to fail or that gas is leaking from the unit.

You may also notice diminished airflow, condensation on or around the heat pump, or short cycling. Each of these can indicate problems with the unit that you should promptly address.

Contact Adam’s Healthy Home at (612) 688-3500(612) 688-3500 for more information about the signs your heat pump needs repair. Our technicians can help you identify the potential problems and schedule a service call to inspect your heat pump.

Why Is Adam’s Healthy Home the Best in Minnesota?

Adam’s Healthy Home hires and trains the best HVAC technicians in the state. Our selective hiring practices ensure that our team is filled with highly qualified professionals. We guarantee to deliver the highest degree of service and repair services to every client.

When our trained and certified HVAC technicians come to your home, you can rest easy knowing that you will receive reliable diagnostic, repair, and replacement services at a reasonable rate. Prior to commencing work, we will go over the specifics of the required repairs, provide an estimate of the time required, and the total cost to complete the required tasks.

Contact Adam’s Healthy Home at (612) 688-3500(612) 688-3500 for more information about our heat repair services in Plymouth, Maple Grove, St. Louis Park, Eden Prairie, Minnetonka, and surrounding communities.