Boiler Repair Services in Minneapolis, MN

Is your boiler giving your trouble? Whether it’s the annoyance of sounds and small leaks or a complete failure to turn on, it’s important that you seek boiler repair services now and not later. The longer you wait for repairs, the more time your small problem has to grow into a big one.

Do you need boiler repair services immediately in the Minneapolis area, or maybe just have questions? Contact Adam’s Healthy Home online or call now at (612) 688-3500(612) 688-3500 to schedule an appointment or ask questions!

Signs Your Boiler Needs Repair

  • Won’t turn on or stay on. The most clear-cut warning sign is, of course, that your boiler simply will not turn on, or if it does, it will not stay on.
  • Leaks. Any leak in your boiler system should be taken seriously, even if it seems minor.
  • Noises. Strange noises from your boiler system can be indicative of problems which, if not a big deal now, can damage components over time.
  • Delay. A significant delay between turning your boiler on and having heat can be a sign of serious problems, like air in the system.
  • Smell. Any unusual smells originating from your boiler indicate problems, like unseen leaks.

Electric Boiler Repair Services

Fewer moving parts and a relatively compact installation usually make an electric boiler less maintenance-heavy and less prone to component failure, but any boiler can act up over time. Our team will access every component of your boiler system to identify the problem, resolve it, and prevent it from happening again (typically through regular maintenance).

Steam Boiler Repair Services

Steam boilers can be quite complicated installations, which means you want a team of certified technicians who are comfortable with a wide range of steam boiler technologies; they’re experienced, while still keeping up with the cutting edge.

Our team will check controls, valves, switches, piping, expansion tanks, and every other component to hunt down your problem and resolve it.

Choose Adam’s Healthy Home for Boiler Repair

With nearly 50 years in the business and a team of experts with a minimum of a decade in HVAC repairs and installation, Adam’s Healthy Home guarantees top-notch service for boiler repair and all other home maintenance needs.

Adam’s Healthy Home offers neighbors in and around Minneapolis top-notch boiler repair services. If you suspect your boiler needs servicing, repair, or replacement, contact us online or call us at (612) 688-3500(612) 688-3500 before your problem gets worse!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to repair/replace a boiler?

There’s no one-size-fits-all time frame for repairing or replacing a boiler.

When possible, we’ll complete your repairs in a single visit and have you sitting in comfort again within the day — and in an emergency, we offer 24/7 service to get your boiler running ASAP.

How much do repairs cost?

The cost of repairs will vary significantly with the size of the problem. The sooner we can visit you, the less you should expect your repairs to cost, as small problems beget larger ones. A small enough problem might be resolved with a few minutes of experienced attention from a single technician; a big problem might require a team and significant work, especially if you need your boiler functioning again within the same day.

Should I replace my boiler instead?

If your boiler has caused you problems before, or if the problems are inherent to the boiler’s age or its fit in your home, etc., then replacement is advised. If it’s a one-off problem and doesn’t suggest significant problems with your boiler, however, repairing your boiler usually makes sense. Our experts will help you determine which makes sense for you.

Need boiler repair in the Minneapolis area? Then it’s time to reach out to Adam’s Healthy Home, either online on our Contact Us page or by dialing (612)-500-4663. We look forward to hearing from you!

Adam’s Healthy Home provides reliable boiler repair services to homeowners and businesses throughout the region. Day or night, 24/7, our certified boiler repair technicians are available to resolve your problems quickly and effectively. Whether you need hot water restored or want to reduce your monthly utility bills, our technicians will deliver superior service and results you can rely on.

Contact Adam’s Healthy Home online or call us at (612) 688-3500(612) 688-3500 for boiler repair services throughout Minnesota.