Large Duct Air Conditioning for Older Homes

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If you own an older home that wasn’t designed with central air conditioning in mind, retrofitting air conditioning can be tricky. However, if you have the wall and ceiling space to install air ducts, retrofitting an in-home HVAC system may be a viable option. Installing air conditioning and heating in an older home can do away with some of the problems of homeownership, particularly of older homes which may not be the most comfortable or easiest to climate control.

The experienced St. Paul HVAC experts at Adam’s Healthy Home can help you outfit your older home with a brand new large duct air conditioning system that’s perfectly engineered for your home and your needs! We know how to determine exactly what type of system you need, how to install it, and where to run your duct lines so you’ll see the best results and the most energy efficiency. Our installation services are professional, friendly, and make the care and maintenance of your home our number one priority. If you’re not happy, we don’t feel as though we’ve finished the job. We care for older homes, and we do everything we can to complete our retrofit without disrupting your life or ruining the charm that you love so much about your home.

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Advantages of Large-Duct HVAC Systems

Older homes that weren’t designed with traditional cooling systems in mind may still have enough space to install a duct network. For those who don’t want to have to deal with large, bulky boxes mounted on their walls, this is the ideal choice. A central air conditioning system delivers the air through a small, discreet vent that can often be blended seamlessly into your décor; ductless systems often don’t have that ability.

Here’s why you should install a traditional large-duct HVAC system in your older home, if possible:

  • They’re affordable
  • They’re reliable
  • They’re quiet
  • They don’t leave large, bulky boxes on your wall
  • They have the power to cool your entire home, including large rooms

Of course, there are trade-offs to these systems. They do require additional maintenance compared to other systems, and it’s strongly advised you have them inspected and maintained at least once a year by a St. Paul air conditioning professional. They also take more time to install, as the larger ducts take a good amount of work to put in place.

When you’re considering installing an air conditioning solution for your older or historic home, it’s strongly advised you review your options with a local air conditioning expert. They can tell you whether or not you have the space to install large air ducts, or if you may be limited to small duct systems or ductless installations based on the size of your walls and ceilings.

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