Furnace Installation Services in Minneapolis, MN

Furnace heating units are some of the most trusted home comfort systems available to Minneapolis homeowners. They’re cost-efficient to purchase and install, and they boast excellent life spans and offer great advantages in terms of heating efficiency. If you’re looking to enjoy all of these great perks, you’ll need to connect with a local heating company you can trust. That’s Adam’s Healthy Home!

Our HVAC contractors have been serving homeowners in the Eden Prairie, Maple Grove, and Minnetonka areas since 1971. We’re dedicated not only to offering top-class furnace systems and services but also to the total satisfaction and comfort of our clients.

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The Benefits of Installing a New Furnace System

Furnace replacement is a service often relegated to emergency-only or “if all else fails” sorts of situations by many homeowners. However, this is actually a common mistake! Installing a new heating system before your old system completely fails can carry a large number of substantial advantages, including:

  • Reduced heating costs – Modern furnace systems are leaps and bounds ahead of older systems in terms of energy-efficient technology. With AFUE ratings nowadays commonly between 95% and 98%, you stand to save a lot on energy or fuel costs long-term by upgrading.
  • Avoiding furnace repairs – As systems age, they tend to need repair more and more often. This can rack up a stack of repair costs in a hurry, which can be avoided by simply replacing the unit when the time rolls around. Furthermore, today’s furnaces come with robust warranties, which will provide years of additional coverage and protection against furnace failures.
  • Better home comfort – Not only will a newer system cost less to operate, but it will also heat your home more effectively and evenly. This means fewer resources used and wasted, and more home comfort at the same time.
  • Healthier home air – The problems caused by closed-loop heating and cooling equipment are becoming more and more apparent. To combat these problems, furnace systems now incorporate much more effective filtration equipment, which can help to improve air quality within your home.

With all of this said, finding the right time to replace your furnace is the key. No sense in replacing a perfectly good system, but there’s equally no sense in hanging on to a system that’s costing you excessively year after year.

To find the right answer for your home, we encourage you to connect with our team! We take pride in helping our clients come to the right conclusion, and we’ll be happy to provide an assessment that will give you a clear picture of what you stand to save by installing a new furnace unit.

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Why Choose Adam’s Healthy Home for Furnace Installation?

To our team, there is absolutely nothing more important than your comfort and satisfaction. We take the time to properly assess your needs, measuring your home’s unique heating load and discussing your options with you thoroughly before moving forward with an install. We don’t want you to settle for anything less than the best furnace for your Maple Grove or Minnetonka home.

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