Is a Heat Pump Worth It?

A heat pump is an electric system that provides both heating and cooling in your home. When it’s cold outside, a heat pump extracts heat energy from the outdoors and circulates it around your home. Then, when the weather gets hot, the system does the opposite and the heat pump removes heat from indoors to cool your home. Having just one unit that can deliver both hot and cool air, when needed, helps with energy efficiency and reduces your utility bills. Adam’s Healthy Home provides a full range of heating services, including heat pump installation, service, and installation.

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Pros of Heat Pumps

Operation Costs

Heat pumps are more inexpensive to run than fuel-based systems. An energy-efficient heat pump can save you hundreds of dollars annually in reduced utility bills.


A heat pump also requires less maintenance than a fuel-based heating system, and it requires only a preventive tune-up service once per year.


Electricity has zero risk of a gas leak, so a heat pump is also safer than a heating system that requires combustion.


A heat pump system can also reduce your carbon footprint, as they efficiently convert energy to heat. Combined with a solar power source, they have the potential to become an entirely carbon-neutral heating and cooling system.


Heat pumps serve two purposes: They heat your home when it is cold and provide cool air when it’s hot outside.

Life Span

The life span of heat pumps averages around 15 years, and they are reliable sources of heat and cooling for your home.

Cons of Heat Pumps

Upfront Cost

Heat pumps have a high initial cost, but the resulting energy savings helps them pay for themselves over time.


Heat pumps are complex systems that are difficult to install, and they’re usually too complicated for a do-it-yourselfer to manage. The installation process requires significant work and involves cutting through the exterior of your home.

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