Why Is My AC Running But Not Cooling?

It’s incredibly frustrating when your AC clearly has power and is technically running, but it isn’t blowing cool air through your Minnesota home! Whether your air conditioner is blowing hot air or isn’t circulating any air at all, we can quickly get to the bottom of this uncomfortable, and even unhealthy, issue. In this post, we’ll look at typical reasons for this common central AC malfunction and recommend air conditioning repairs.

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Common Reasons Your AC Isn’t Cooling

Typical AC problems that cause your cooling system to stop working during a hot Minneapolis summer include:

  • Electrical connection or power problems
  • Thermostat calibration issues
  • Clogged filter overdue for replacement
  • Iced-up AC coil
  • Blocked AC condensate drain
  • Grimy external AC compressor
  • Low AC refrigerant pressure

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Troubleshooting Your AC

Here’s how you can narrow down the cause of the problems with your central air conditioning:

Electrical or power issues

if your central air conditioner is not blowing any air at all, check that it’s plugged in and the cord is in good condition. Look for a blown fuse or tripped breaker in your electrical panel—and check if the AC overload/overheat switch has tripped.

Thermostat failure

If your AC is putting out warm or hot air, try turning the thermostat down all the way to see if the AC responds. Check the thermostat unit’s wiring and batteries (if applicable).

Clogged air filter

An AC filter can get so dirty and clogged that it blocks proper airflow and compromises your indoor air quality. If you’re getting weak airflow (or none at all, because the AC’s overheat switch may have tripped to prevent overheating) the filter could be to blame. Check it and clean/replace as needed.

Clogged AC drain

Air conditioners need to drain out the water they remove from the air, and the drainpipe can get narrowed and blocked with mineral buildup or algae growth. The pipe may be cleaned to restore your AC or it may need to be replaced. If the drainpipe has backed up the system may have shut itself off to prevent damage. This should be reset after the drain is cleaned.

Dirty outdoor AC compressor

You should be keeping leaves and debris away from the area around your condenser unit—and annual professional maintenance of your entire cooling system is recommended once per year. These measures will help your AC run like new for years to come.

AC is iced up

Possible reasons for AC ice buildup can include dirty coils or low refrigerant. Try cleaning the air conditioner coils (or call in our HVAC pros to take care of it.) Then turn on the fan-only setting to melt off any ice. If this doesn’t help, you may have low refrigerant.

Low refrigerant levels

Let an experienced HVAC technician check the lines, locate/repair any leaks, and recharge your air conditioning system. Only a professional should handle the hazardous refrigerant.

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