How to Fix Minor AC Leaks in Your Minneapolis-Area Home

In most cases, a small amount of leakage from your AC unit is no reason to panic. There are, however, signs you should look for that indicate the need for immediate attention. A heavily leaking AC unit can cause extensive and expensive water damage in your home. The safest course of action is to have your HVAC unit professionally inspected and tuned up every spring and fall. If you notice a lot of water under your indoor air handler between these preventive maintenance appointments, check for one of these potential causes:

Why Is My AC Leaking?

  • It’s too cold outside – Running your AC unit when it’s too cold outside can cause leaks. You can avoid this by only running your system when the temperature is above 60 degrees.
  • Your air filter is dirty– A clogged filter can cause the unit’s evaporator coils to freeze over and water to fill the evaporator pan. Avoid frozen coils by replacing your filter every 30 to 90 days.
  • Damaged condensate pan– Your AC can leak if the pan that’s designed to hold water underneath it becomes compromised. Use a wet-dry vac to clear out the pan so you can closely inspect the bottom, corners, and edges. You can use a sealant to temporarily fix cracks, but this isn’t a permanent solution, and the pan will eventually need to be replaced. The pan located just underneath your evaporator coils is welded in place, so if it needs to be replaced, you will need to call a professional.
  • Clogged drainpipe – If your drainpipes are blocked, you can try pouring vinegar down the drain line to kill any accumulated fungi or algae. If that doesn’t work, you can try to use a wet-dry vac to clear the line yourself or call in a professional for help.
  • Disconnected drain line – It’s possible for your drain line to become loose over time, or even to completely disconnect from your HVAC unit, which allows water to leak. If your drain line isn’t properly connected, you should call a professional.
  • Broken condensate pump – A broken pump can’t remove excess water in the condenser pan, so the pan will eventually overflow or leak. The pump will need to be replaced by a professional HVAC tech.
  • Low refrigerant – If the refrigerant level in your AC gets too low, it may cause your coils to freeze and overflow the drain pan. Regular maintenance by a certified HVAC company can prevent this issue.

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Is It Normal for Air Conditioners to Leak Water?

During the hotter parts of the year, your HVAC system runs more often and for longer periods of time to keep your house cool, and it’s normal to see some condensation accumulate in the area. If your AC is leaking a small amount while it is running, that isn’t usually a cause for concern as long as the puddle evaporates in about a day.

If your AC unit is leaking a large amount of water or the water isn’t drying up within a day, contact the professionals at Adam’s Healthy Home by dialing (612) 688-3500 to prevent the possibility of expensive water damage in your home.

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