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Adam’s Healthy Home Plan

Protect your investments with home care check-ups. Our “Adam’s Healthy Home Plan” provides plumbing, heating, and air conditioning tune-ups annually with many added benefits. For only $8 a month (normally $19 per month), our members enjoy priority service, up to $2,111 in coupons, live technical assistance, a 10% service discount, guaranteed response time, and 24-hour availability.

Why You Should Join the “Adam’s Healthy Home Plan”

  • Thorough evaluation of your heating, air conditioning, and water heating system
  • Priority service – you move to the front of the line when you call
  • 10% discount on service repairs
  • Money-saving coupons

Sign up for “Adam’s Healthy Home Plan” today. Our special $8 per month offer is only available for a limited time! Call us at (612) 688-3500(612) 688-3500 for expert home services in St. Paul. We serve customers throughout the Greater Minneapolis Area.

Reduce Your Energy Costs with a Cooling Tune-Up

During your air conditioner tune-up we will:

  • Check the condenser coil
  • Check the evaporator coil
  • Check the blower motor
  • Check airflow
  • Check the refrigerant
  • Lubricate the motor, bearings, and fans
  • Check and tighten all electrical connections
  • Check temperature and pressures
  • Check thermostat for proper operation
  • Check and label all emergency shutoffs
  • Start and test operation and cycle
  • Check controls and safety devices
  • Check capacitors
  • Check condensate drain
  • Check relays and contactors
  • Check ductwork for any leaks
  • Check proper amperage and voltage
  • Check the humidifier or dehumidifier

By taking the time to make this appointment, you could save up to 25% in energy costs and reduce the chance of breakdowns by 95%!

“Adam’s Healthy Home Plan” Keeps You Warm in the Winter

With “Adam’s Healthy Home Plan,” you may reduce your energy costs by up to 16% and prevent up to 70% of furnace repairs.

Financing Options Available

We know that service, maintenance, and replacements can add up. Talk with our team to learn more about our different plans. We want to make it easy for you to keep your home systems operating at peak performance.

Reach out to our St. Paul home maintenance team at (612) 688-3500(612) 688-3500.