4 Tips for Spring Cleaning & HVAC Maintenance

Spring has sprung in the Minneapolis, MN area, which means it’s closer to time for spring cleaning. As you are planning your list of chores for spring cleaning, don’t forget to add HVAC maintenances to the list.

Your air conditioning system is essential to keeping you and your Minneapolis home comfortable during the hot days of spring and summer. You may not notice when your AC system is running efficiently, but you certainly notice when your system isn’t running. When you don’t have regular maintenance check-ups, your HVAC system is more likely to have issues resulting in costly repairs.

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Spring Cleaning To-Dos

  • Replace your air filter – One of the biggest mistakes many home/business owners make is failing to replace the HVAC system air filters. Failing to replace these filters leads to polluted indoor air, dirt and debris buildup in the system, and an inefficient AC system.
  • Install a programmable thermostat – Installing a programmable thermostat will help the environment and help you save money. Thermostats range in price and features – ask our AC technicians what we recommend. Even if you’re not replacing your thermostat, take this time to at least replace your batteries.
  • Do a test run – Before the hot weather comes, it’s important to do a test run of your system. Turn on your air conditioning to make sure everything feels and sounds right. If things go wrong, call our HVAC professionals for repairs right away.
  • Call an HVAC professional for a more in-depth maintenance check – While replacing your air filter, installing a new thermostat, and restarting your AC system are easier to do on your own, you may want an HVAC professional to check out your system for a more in-depth maintenance check.

Adam’s Healthy Home Offers Expert HVAC Maintenance

Our team of HVAC experts at Adam’s Healthy Home is excited for spring and summer weather, as you and your family are. Our trusted experts have training and experience in air conditioning maintenance and tune-up services, so our team is able to help your home or business with any service necessary before the summer weather hits.

To schedule HVAC maintenance or repairs with our team, call Adam’s Healthy Home at 612-688-3500 or contact us online.